Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thanks for stopping by our Murder For Two sheet music store! We're thrilled to finally be offering piano/vocal selections from the show (with arrangements by composer Joe Kinosian). Take a gander below and make your selections. Immediately after paying through PayPal, you'll receive an email with download instructions. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. 

"Murder For Two - Complete Piano/Vocal Selections" ($39.99)
*does not include the bonus song "Finale Ultimo" / BUY NOW

1. "Waiting in the Dark" ($9.99)

2. "Protocol Says" ($9.99)

3. "A Perfectly Lovely Surprise" ($9.99)

4. "It Was Her" ($9.99)

5. "A Lot Woise" ($9.99)

6. "He Needs a Partner" ($9.99)

7. "So What If I Did?" ($9.99)

8. "A Friend Like You" ($9.99)

9. "Henry Vivaldi" ($9.99)

10. "Process of Elimination" ($9.99)

11. "Steppin' Out of the Shadows" ($9.99)

12. "Finale - I Need a Partner / Protocol Says" ($9.99)

ENCORE: "Finale Ultimo - Piano Duet" ($14.99)

Please note: sheet music is being sold for personal use only. For licensing inquiries, please reach out per the instructions at Once purchased, please don't copy and/or share sheet music with others. We respectfully ask you to direct other interested parties to this website. 

*Tracks from the original cast recording may not match piano/vocal score exactly (for example, some dialogue has been removed for the purposes of this sheet music).